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Western Pennsylvania Trout Fishing

Western Pennsylvania Trout Fishing

western pennsylvania trout fishingJohn Fordyce here. is my personal website dedicated to my love of western pennsylvania trout fishing. Thank you for stopping by and seeing some of the fish I've caught. I've fished for trout all over the US, but always found my best times right here in Western Pennsylvania at the Clarion and Little Juniata rivers. I'm been very blessed in my life in countless ways and after hours and hours of practice I've aquired the ability to catch big brown trout and nice small mouth bass. If the time is right and the day is right... good lord willing' I will catch some fish. The way I do it is often new and unique to people. Not real new or unique to me... just the way I've been doing it for years. No real secret or anything out of the ordinary here. I'll get in to it a bit more below

BIG TROUT take a long time to catch and MY TROUT PICTURES take a long time to load, so if you're on dial up....please be patient while the pictures load. Some of the files are very big.  

 A Very Interesting Fact:

10% of the Fisherman catch 90% of the Fish

...and you better believe my buddies and I are in that 10 percent and we got the pictures to prove it. If you're interested...go grab a drink, sit back relax and read on. I've found my tips are beneficial for anyone that wants to be a better trout fisherman. Take your time reading them and take some notes. A new trout fisherman can take a lot away from this. Again, thank you for stopping by and visiting my trout fishing website.

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